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[Eluna] VIP Commands
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Are you looking to give your VIP players a little more than just items? Then you found the right post! Today I am releasing a highly customizable VIP Command script written in Lua for the ElunaLuaEngine.  

If you encounter any bugs, please reach out to me or report them on this post so they can be resolved! Smile

This script is highly customizable without touching any of the code! This script is scalable for multiple vip ranks using the account_access table in the auth database.
  • .vip
  • .vip mall
  • .vip buff
  • .vip whisper on
  • .vip whisper off
  • .vip changefaction
  • .vip changerace
  • .vip changename

  • Checks if player has VIP rank
  • Checks if player is in combat
  • Checks if player is alive
  • Checks if player is in a vehicle on some commands

[b]Configuration Options[/b]
Set a custom cooldown time for all VIP commands, the timer is in seconds. Enter 0 if you wish to disable it.

[Image: Screenshot_10.png]

All of the options below can be true or false, true = the command is turned on, false = the command is disabled.

[Image: Screenshot_6-1.png]

Each individual command can be changed for different VIP ranks if you support multiple ranks otherwise, this section more than likely doesn't need to be changed.  

[Image: Screenshot_7-1.png]

Do you have a custom VIP Mall? No worries, simply set the GPS location in the settings and reload eluna in-game!

[Image: Screenshot_8-1.png]

You can add as many buffs to your .vip buff commands as you would like, simply add a comma after each spell ID. [b]NOTE: [/b]The last spell ID does not need a comma.

[Image: Screenshot_9.png]


I didn't include many screenshots due to the type of script this is.

[Image: Screenshot_1-1.png]
[Image: Screenshot_2-1.png]
[Image: Screenshot_3-1.png]
[Image: Screenshot_4-1.png]
[Image: Screenshot_5-1.png]

Thank you for visiting my site today, if you encounter any problems feel free to make a thread in the support section! 

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