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[Eluna] Free for All
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Today I am releasing an Eluna script that was requested. This is a simple but useful script that will allow you to define Free for All zones, forcing everyone into a Free for All flag, and disband groups upon entering the zone.

Everything in this script is customizable based on your needs, without touching any of the code.
[b]Configuration Options[/b]
  • enableFFA - true/flase : entire script.
  • enableFFAFlag - true/flase : Free for All flag upon entering the zone.
  • enablePhase - true/flase : Place player in a phase upon entering the zone.
  • enableGroup - true/flase : Removes player from group upon entering the zone.
  • enableCombat - true/flase : Keeps player in defined Free for All zone.
  • enableMessage - true/flase : Enable messages sent when entering/leaving/inCombat.

You may download this script HERE

[Image: Screenshot_1-2.png]
[Image: Screenshot_2-2.png]
[Image: Screenshot_3-2.png]
[Image: Screenshot_4-2.png]

Thank you for visiting my site today, if you encounter any problems feel free to make a thread in the support section! 

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